Martin-Zombek Construction: Expanding Throughout the Region

Martin-Zombek Construction: Expanding Throughout the Region

Over the last 11 years, Martin-Zombek Construction has developed relationships and buildings throughout New York State.

Our team has had the privilege to work with some of the greatest leaders in the New York region – leaders of Healthcare and Military Institutions, Universities, State Building Agencies, and Development Firms.

By watching these leaders during our collaboration, our team has been able to learn from the adaptability and leadership styles portrayed by these establishments, empowering each Martin-Zombek employee to strive to be a leader at their own level. The initiative taken by each employee at Martin-Zombek Construction is the fuel that continues to drive our focus on delivering the highest-quality experience for each of our clients.


Where it all Began:

Martin-Zombek’s roots go all the way back to William R. “W.R.” Henderson, who founded his own lath and plaster company in 1927. W.R. Henderson continued building his company until his passing in 1968. His son became president until 1988, when Lloyd Jr. followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather as the company president.

Lloyd Martin Jr. and Andrew Zombek formed Martin-Zombek Construction Services, Inc. in June of 2009. Under their continued leadership, knowledge of construction and forward-looking nature, Martin-Zombek has risen to become a well-known player in the commercial construction industry.


Where are we now?

Explore the map to see where MZ Construction has completed projects throughout the region:


What’s next for MZ Construction?

Check out our latest Active Projects to see where were headed next!

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